Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hold on tight and never let go

Music is universal. And even though we are divided by the language we speak, music transgresses beyond what lyrics can convey. This is through the melody, which I like to call a song's heart. And once the singer breathes life to the song, the melody-singer combo forms harmony.

Harmony is difficult to achieve because each person involved is an element. Naturally, the more elements present at the same time, the harder it is to attain balance. Having been a member of a choral group in the past, I can say that this is precisely why singing solo is much easier than singing with a group.

However, we also have duets, which to me is the trickiest. It may not be as complicated as in a choir, but when the blending is off, it won't ever work. Which is probably why we rarely see duos in the music industry - finding the voice to perfectly compliment yours is almost impossible.

But of course, there are some who defy this. Like Rob Bowlin and Chelsee Oaks. And if this weren't enough an achievement already, they used to be in love! It's music and love, two of the most beautiful things God has made for us, in one. What more could they ask for?

Kung sila pa rin hanggang ngayon, sa sobrang tindi ng tamis at cheesiness na dala nila, panigurado taob na ang world hunger!

We are just unfortunate to have found out about them only after they've broken up. But who knows, right? Love like this doesn't come around that often, if they even do at all. They should hold onto it and never let go.

At mukhang sa itsurang iyon ni Rob Bowlin, alam na alam niya to. ^_^


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