Tuesday, February 15, 2011

On Eat Pray Love, and some more randomness

Today I saw Eat Pray Love. I was in Europe when this came out, so no chance for me to see it until now. I heard most English movies were dubbed in Italian (how boring is that?!) so I never bothered checking it out.

As was said in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, we all experience "chronic dissatisfaction" at some point in our lives. Sadly, not all of us can channel the Elizabeth Gilbert decisiveness. She's as strong as can be, if you asked me. Most people, despite being unhappy, choose to remain so because they are clouded with fear and anxiety. Not all of us were born gamblers... and those who were, fail half the time. Which is why Liz, though really admirable, projects a fairytale-ish aura to me. But even so, it may just be my fear talking. It's sad how sure I am that I'm not capable of doing what she did. It speaks poorly of me, I know.

I couldn't say a lot about the rest of the other themes though, coz I think religion is something too personal to even tackle in such public forum (although in previous entries there had been attempts by me). Moreover, my background about the practice in India goes way too far (high school) to even remember who taught it.


As for the rest of my day, nothing much happened. I wanted to believe I led an interesting life, but there is no way to justify that based on how monotonous everyday has become for me.

I want a new hobby, but most I could think of get smashed right away because of my kaartehan.

I refuse to go to the gym because there's none within walking distance from the house. I don't like to work on handicraft for my eyes are exclusively reserved for the computer to damage. I can't make full songs because I still don't know how to play the guitar, even if there's one collecting dust in my room. Pets are not allowed because of my allergies. Guys either, coz I'm in the closet at least at home.

So there you go. Another my life in a nutshell moment.

Feel free to make it interesting though. I badly need more out of the short time I have left.


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