Monday, February 7, 2011

we have to LIVE with EVIL

It has been said countless of times that the innocence in a child's eyes is both a wonder and a blessing we often wish wouldn't change. However, we all know that this is impossible for the environment and man's very nature force us to be exposed to things that break our innocence. Thus, the end of innocence is the beginning of evil. So sometimes, when I am deeply troubled and perplexed, I wish this weren't the case. A life without pain, guilt, suffering, and anxiety, who doesn't want it?

I know you're probably thinking, "Maybe he should just commit suicide," because that's something only heaven can provide. But what about the term heaven on earth? Should we be banned from experiencing this besides the occasional few minutes here and there? Should this just remain a promise while we're living?

We make our own happiness, and we can choose to remain innocent. But the fact that we know evil means we're corruptible and in a world where it is within reach, who is saved from temptation?  Really, who is?

Everyday, our battle with evil challenges us, and how we play and make decisions define us. This is, unfortunately, a life-long struggle we have to endure. Many times, we will fall short of our expectations and will wallow in misery (just like what I'm doing right now), but in these times we have to remember those moments we've won. These little victories will keep us sane and hopeful that the battle would someday end. Not with death, but hopefully with salvation.


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