Sunday, February 13, 2011

An unfinished song to an unfinished love story

I love writing song lyrics when I'm depressed. I usually get in the mood after midnight, when most people in whatever time zone I am in are asleep. Not that I'm nocturnal that way, but maybe it's after this time (when all my feelings, no matter how bitter and morbid, are at bay) that I get to reflect on my life experiences. However, in the 5 or so songs I've made, none ever felt worthy of sharing. Perhaps it's insecurity talking but I'm guessing they're still not good enough. Maybe I need to get my heart broken a few more times to harness  more the potential brilliant banters and ideas in my head.

Months ago, however, I started scribbling words on Notepad and before I knew it, I had a few usable lines. But despite spending 5 hours on it, I never got to finish it. It's about someone I really like, and I wanted to show this to him on Valentine's Day. Hopefully I'd get this done before dawn coz I have some serious business to attend to in the morning. I certainly can't do it during the day; there's just too many interruptions.

In honor of tomorrow's love fest, I'm sharing some lines in the chorus of this unnamed song. I hope you like it, and ultimately, I hope he loves it.

"Am hoping you're ready for love coz it has been ready for you
When you kissed me in your car that day, at that moment, I just knew
One arm on the stirring wheel, the other pulling me towards you
With eyes closed, lips locked, for the first time, I felt your heart spoke true
You love me but all this feeling was to you, so new.
Even so, hear me baby; I know you'll make it through
And I will absolutely, patiently, be waiting for you."

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!


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